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Meet the Staff of Nelson Motors

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Charles Pulse - Sales Director

406-410-0764 - frostyrdnk@outlook.com

I am your go to guy for all your vehicle needs.  Growing up I always had a passion for anything automotive.  I read every car magazine, bugged every dealership in Helena and I was always told I needed to work in the automotive industry, whether it was sales or repair.  But I decided to try the military when I got out of high school and I loved the Army.  But unfortunately I got injured and received a Honorable Medical Discharge.  From there I decided I wanted to be a truck driver since I loved to travel.  I did that for almost 2 decades but I always had a calling towards the automotive world.  So I finally decided it was time to make the switch when I so happened to meet Shawn Nelson.   I knew I didn't fit in with the larger dealership since I am not a suit and tie type of guy.  Shawn provided me the opportunity I have been looking for.  Since I came on with Nelson Motors, I have been so enthusiastic with providing an awesome experience for my customers.  I try to provided the most complete story about our vehicles and be as open as a book.  So come down and visit me for your next car or truck and I will try to make it a quick and easy process.

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Dawn Burgess - Account Director

406-431-4050 - dawnkantaburgess@gmail.com

I have three wonderful children that are all grown up now, Erica, Bridgett and Matt.  I raised my family in Helena MT, and had an 18 year career in Insurance, at Blue Cross Blue Shield. After my tenure with Blue Cross Blue Shield, I opened up a Business in Bozeman, Planet Beach Day Spa.  I loved running the Day Spa because it really aligned with my passions, healthy living and building relationships with people. Through the Spa I got to make hundreds of friends and got to be involved with other community entities like the Cancer Resource Center. I ran the Planet Beach Spa for 7 years and when the time was right I sold it so that I could semi-retire.  

Today I get to live the life I have always dreamed of living.  I am half retired and get to keep busy with a fun part time job.  I get to live in beautiful Bozeman Montana and I get to network and build relationships through Nelson Motors.  I love working with a car dealership, much like Planet Beach Day Spa, its all about building relationships and being a part of the community.  When I sold Planet Beach I came to Nelson Motors looking for part time work, mostly so that I could just keep busy.  Shawn told me that I could work here part time but that he had no idea if his new business was ever going to get paid, I liked the idea of being involved with cars, so I took the job. When Shawn started Nelson Motors in 2017  he had no inventory to sell and he could not pay me.  I remember I worked for 3 months straight just donating my time. One day he came in to the office really excited, I thought that maybe he was going to tell me that I was gong to get a paycheck.  Instead he took me outside and walked me to a 1962 Austin Healey, and said "Merry Christmas!"   I said "Its not Christmas"...He laughed a said well "we sold a consignment vehicle and part of the purchase was trading in this 1962 Austin Healey.  We did not make any money on the deal but we have this car. So this is what you get for all the time you have donated to Nelson Motors, so Merry Christmas"  It was not exactly what I was expecting, however I could not refuse the car, after all I always wanted a cool little collectible car.  I think experiencing this car finally made me understand what this non-nonsensical obsession with cars is all about. Its also gives me a really good excuse to cruise around to all the car shows and pass out business cards. 

I love working here at Nelson Motors, and look forward to the opportunity to help you sell your car, or find you a new car.  We also offer car detailing as a service, we sell warranties too.  Feel free to contact me anytime 
406-431-4050.  We look forward to being a part of your next car purchase. 

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Shawn Nelson - Useless Overhead - Owner

406-570-5976 - shawnnelsonmotors@gmail.com

For some reason, ever since I can remember, I have had what is called a mental obsession with cars.  Most of my day dreaming, simply consists of thinking about cars that I would like to drive or collect.  I would always spend my free time in the garage, weather it was restoring, maintaining or cleaning a car. I spent many years working in an industry that was not related to cars, software. I would tell co-workers that I could not wait to retire so that I could just spend time in the garage.  They would always laugh at me and remind me that I was at least 50 years away from retirement.  

I was always waiting for the "Right Time" to start a car dealership. The time when I had the financial means, or the time when my daughter Sienna was all grown up, or the time when property prices would go down, or the time when.......

The "Right Time" never really revealed itself.  One day I had an epiphany! There is no "Right Time".  I needed to figure out a way to provide value to people in the car industry and just do it.  That if I could provide some kind of value that eventually, I would be doing what I love every day, and I would not have to worry so much about whatever else I was waiting for. I felt that if your doing what your passionate about, everything surrounding your life will adjust to support it. So with not much of a plan and no start up capital I decided to quit my day job and start a car dealership, Crazy!  I had no idea what my Niche would be, I had no idea how I was to obtain inventory with Zero start up capital. However, I just trusted and believed that somehow it would all come together.  I told everyone that I had a car dealership, they all asked what kind of cars are you selling? I would  have tell them that it's the only car dealership in town with no inventory to sell.  It was awkward.  Then I got a phone call from a friend.  He said they needed my help, that his family was moving out of town and that they were buying a new car at that town. They did not want to take their 2 older cars to their new home and asked if I would sell their cars for them. Of course I said YES.  That was the day Nelson Motors got some inventory and found a Niche, Consignments.

Starting with my friends 2 cars, Nelson Motors built a process for selling cars for people who do not have the time to go through the selling process themselves.  Nelson Motors Started business in 2017.  We now have an average of 10 cars on the lot, and we also just started purchasing cars to restore and resell.  We like all kinds of cars so our inventory is very random from hybrid cars to muscle cars, pickup trucks or whatever.  We are working everyday build up and provide more services, we also offer Warranties, Financing, we are the real deal :-)

Please feel free to come down and visit us, or give us a call 406-570-5976.  We would love to spend time with you, and help you sell your car or help you purchase a car.